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Single Tier Cakes:

6"(10 servings)-$60

7"(15 servings)-$65

8"(20 servings)-$70

9"(25 servings)-$75

10"(30 servings)-$80

**designs that require fondant will have an additional charge**

Tiered Cakes:

20 servings(2 tiers)-$130

30 servings(2 tiers)-$195

50 servings(3 tiers)-$325

60 servings(3 tiers)-$390

75 servings(3 tiers)-$485

100 servings(4 tiers)-$650

**designs that require fondant are an additional $1/serving**

Wedding Cakes:

$7/serving for buttercream designs

$8/serving for fondant designs 

Smash Cakes:

2 layer 6" cakes-$30

3 layer 6'' cakes-$40

**smash cakes are done ONLY as add ons to larger orders**

Cookies Cakes:

6"(feeds 5)-$40

8"(feeds 10)-$50

10"(feeds 15)-$60

**available in chocolate chip and sugar**

**These are STARTING prices! Final pricing

is based on complexity of design.**


Dipped Pretzel Rods:

$24 a dozen

Dipped Rice Krispie Treats:

$54 a dozen

Dipped Strawberries:

$36 a dozen

Dipped Oreos:

$30 a dozen

Cake Pops:

$35 a dozen


$30 a dozen



Chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, sugar, snickerdoodle, peanut butter(one flavor per dozen)

Sandwich Cookies:


Cookie flavor of your choice sandwiched with your choice of buttercream

*For dipped treats, milk, white, and semi sweet chocolate are available. Colors and decor can be customized. 

**Individual bagging is available for some products at an additional cost.

Cake Tastings are available for a fee of $20. This includes 6 cupcake flavors and icings of your choice. 

Quotes are good for 48 hours. 

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